OpenVZ Memory Setting

First you set the veid=yournumberofve and the rest is copy paste ; Look at the examples:

Guaranteed 64MB and 128MB Burstable

vzctl set ${veid} --vmguarpages 64M --save
vzctl set ${veid} --oomguarpages 64M --save
vzctl set ${veid} --privvmpages 64M:128M --save

Guaranteed 128MB and 256MB Burstable

vzctl set ${veid} --vmguarpages 128M --save
vzctl set ${veid} --oomguarpages 128M --save
vzctl set ${veid} --privvmpages 128M:256M --save

Guaranteed 256MB and 512MB Burstable

vzctl set ${veid} --vmguarpages 256M --save
vzctl set ${veid} --oomguarpages 256M --save
vzctl set ${veid} --privvmpages 256M:512M --save

Guaranteed 512MB and 1024MB Burstable

vzctl set ${veid} --vmguarpages 512M --save
vzctl set ${veid} --oomguarpages 512M --save
vzctl set ${veid} --privvmpages 512M:1024M --save

Guaranteed 1024MB and 2048MB Burstable

vzctl set ${veid} --vmguarpages 1024M --save
vzctl set ${veid} --oomguarpages 1024M --save
vzctl set ${veid} --privvmpages 1024M:2048M --save

You don’t need to reboot, enjoy the OpenVZ benefits;)

English Grammar Exam Questions

Please choose the best answer to fill in the blank.
1.Jesus Christ was __C__ by St. Maria.
2.Jesus Christ was __A__ on December 24th.

A. born B.bore C.borne D. being born


simple past = bore and past participle is borne
St. Maria bore a child named Jesus.
Jesus was borne by St. Maria

I was born = i came out of my mother
My mother bore me => focus is on the mother giving birth


Sources: Kevin from BigEar

SSH-RSA Laptop

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAyLEtML9hBOmsXN1EltW2INYWPh6Ulu5JaSIEJYVVi96pb2Nl4C4ua4wFWEhWgRGebSzN9W13GmS6FAALiW/BTfKifxp3solYKT1tQShVmOcEN/uPrd80mClvNIXHUWHsJeyOkwHgvqyGMfNL85MkVO6XfOFvhjuMdvLeku1Kh/xeBn0Byyl/PZ3mr6RqmqBUEudqU97WYtTU8tUNlbPWa5Vn4spOggq7xqi88EhNVUzMYpszD7cTZRywQoWsB+thfiJTsvpeDl7dwaN7+GLqEiBDFKQcG/ldJh5FCcHwXC4kKiZ3eCX2bsR1rVWyfxczGBLje7O8/6CBHaANrOZZ5w== AMD A8-3500

QQ 2011 on BlackBerry Z10 with vnBB sideloading

It’s great that the Z10 has BBM but I couldn’t seem to find the QQ I was looking for in AppWorld, hence I sideloaded the QQ 2011 and weibo version 4.0.

Usage: Download vnBB and install it. Open you’re Z10, Settings-> Development Mode set to On, Connect to WiFi and write down the IP address which can be found under Settings-> Wifi -> Internet Connection Dropdown menu.

Use vnBB to connect to the Z10 via Wireless and drag and drop the *.bar files and press install.

Get a cup of coffee and enjoy sideloading :D

Download Links: Size

QQ 4053309

Weibo 5170801

vnBB.exe 1708107